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Content and information

 If there is incorrect content or missing information on our website, RINGER GmbH assumes no liability for any resulting direct or indirect damage to the Rolling Tower resulting from the use of the information on the Ringer website, either directly or indirectly.


​​​​​​​ Not only websites and homepages with text contributions are protected by copyright, but also photos, graphics, animations and contributions of all kinds enjoy protection under the Copyright Act. Also for this applies that z. B. Reproductions are not readily permitted. The contents of our website may therefore only be copied within the narrow limits of the copyright exceptions, for example for personal private use. Any duplication and distribution going beyond this requires the express permission of the author. <br/> For example, you can save a manuscript on your hard drive for use, but not post it on your homepage. This also applies to PDF files or similar. are expressly offered for download.


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